In our school we believe in

    • Becoming a leader of tomorrow.
    • Being amiable, sociable and docile in and out of school.
    • Being truthful and courteous.
    • Accepting any responsibility and work assigned to us as our due share in the running of the school.
    • Avoiding any vulgarity in our talk or behavior.
    • Showing respect to all staff members and visitors to our school.
    • Being sportsperson-like and behaving in a courteous manner wherever we go, remembering that the school is judged by our conduct.
    • Being always ready to lend a helping hand at home, in the school, and to any unattended visitors we happen to meet on the school premises.

Maintaining discipline and self control during class hours.

  • Respecting all men and women as children of God. Therefore, we never make fun of the old, poor, or handicapped, since we know God’s hands rest lovingly on all these people.

Loyola would like to see her children imbued with a sense of LOVE and CONCERN for the WEAK, the UNDERPREVILEGED, the MARGINALIZED and the VOICELESS.

Loyola expects the parents to contribute their share in achieving this goal as partners in the same mission. Your children will be exposed to the social realities in our own city and beyond.