As an educational institution Loyola aims at preparing students to become professionally competent citizens who are at the same time concerned about others, especially the underprivileged, in order to build up a just society.

Our Mission

To inculcate in our students the values of

    • Good human being
    • Love and concern for others
    • Friendliness and cooperation
    • Truthfulness
    • Respect for all as children of God
    • Discipline and self-control
    • Responsible citizenship
    • Care and concern for the environment

To promote in our students

  • Academic excellence
  • Leadership skills
  • All-round development

Loyola, therefore, expects the parents to contribute their share towards achieving this goal. Your children will be exposed to the social realities in our own town and beyond. They will be required to do certain amount of social service for their underprivileged brothers/sisters.